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Of course! With The Seal-It Advantage, be rest assured with our comprehensive warranty on all our work. Standard warranty for any seal coating & repair work is 1 year against any discolouration, fading and/or repairs.

We generally focus in the Peel and Halton Hills regions, however we do service the entire GTA!

  • Peel 

    • Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon

  • Halton Hills

    • Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown

  • ​Toronto​

    • Etobicoke​, Scarborough, North York 

  • York 

    • Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham​

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Yes! We carry $2 million of general liability as well as WSIB coverage (Worker’s Compensation Insurance Board) for all our employees.

Paver Restoration & Sealing

At Seal-It, we apply all our commercial-grade sealers using a high pressurized spray system. This allows for an even application, enhanced look and long lasting finish. We avoid rolling on sealers as this method often leads to issues including unevenness, streak marks, and an overall messier job.

We use state-of-the-art masking technology which ensures the cleanest edge possible, keeping the sealer where it belongs. Rest assured with our mess-free guarantee! 

We only use the highest quality commercial-grade materials. Along with this, we thoroughly clean surfaces and apply the necessary amount of coats to ensure a finish that will last between 1 and 2 years. Factors that might affect the longevity of the sealer are that which result from general wear and tear, such as excessive vehicle or foot traffic, and severe weather conditions.

No, and that is because all our sealers are applied with a heavy-duty mix of slip-resistant compound!

Generally, when it comes to seal coating, there is not really a specific temperature that is required, so long as the weather is over 10 degrees Celsius. That means anytime from Spring to Fall! 

Regular sealing protects your investment and keeps your property looking great! Generally, you want to re-seal at least every 1 – 2 years to keep your surface in good shape. Avoid holding off for too many years, as eventually it could be too late with evidence of visible damage such as cracking and discolouration. 

It varies. The cost of sealing depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Total square footage

  • The last time it was sealed (the severity of discolouration), which determines the amount of coats needed 

  • How dirty is the surface and are there any stains that need to be removed?

  • Are there any repairs, minor OR major, required to be completed before sealing?

Although in some cases we may ballpark an estimate over the phone, in order to provide an accurate quote, a SIPS representative will have to visit your property to assess all of the above factors.

At Seal It, we ensure to use the highest quality commercial grade products and materials available. That ensures us as certified applicators, to be able to stand behind our installation as well as the product used.

Landscape Design & Build

This will depend on a variety of factors including total square footage, design, location of project (back yard or front yard), machine access, any required permits, among other factors. We will be able to provide a written estimate with pricing options and answer any questions you may have about the process only once a consultation has been completed with our team on-site, including a thorough walkthrough of your project. 

We offer all kinds of designs, traditional and modern. Our team will work with you together to ensure we understand your vision and are able to bring it to life, by recommending stone, colour and layout options that will match the style of your home, personal taste and budget. We also offer 2D and 3D designs!

We have a variety of different payment plans, but usually we require 10% to book a date, followed by 40% a week prior to job commencement, followed by the balance upon full job completion once the entire job has been completed by contractor and client to ensure 100% satisfaction.

We offer a 2 year written warranty on all landscape work including interlocking pavers, natural stone, lighting, asphalt, and wood work.

We use all of the major and most popular stone brands including Techo-Bloc, Unilock, Bestway, Permacon, Oaks, Rinox, Banas, Oakville Stone, StoneArch. Although we do recommend some over others, we may use whichever stone you prefer!