Interlock Restoration & Sealing in the GTA

Interlock Restoration & Sealing

Our interlock restoration specialists are equipped with the experience and equipment to help with all projects, small or large.

Typically a quality polymeric sand installation will last anywhere between 3 to 5 years. Due to exposure to the elements such as rain, snow, ice and UV rays, the sand will begin to lose its effectiveness soon after this time period. Loose, cracked, and/or missing polymeric sand may cause weeds to invade the joints, as well as pose a risk of the pavers shifting due to the bedding sand deteriorating underneath. Replacing the polymeric sand when required is the most important paver maintenance procedure and absolute best way to protect your investment. It will prevent unsightly weeds from taking over and ruining the look of your patio, as well as prevent the possibility of the pavers shifting, thus leading to more expensive repairs such as a lift & relay.

The Benefits

Regular maintenance of your interlock surfaces ensures the joints are stabilized which prevents any shifting of the stones, as well as keeps the surface looking like new by restoring colour and protecting the stone against harmful UV rays, dirt, oil and other stains.

The Process

The Restoration process includes several tedious steps including a thorough surface prep, polymeric sand installation and finally sealing.