Asphalt Sealing in the GTA

Asphalt Sealing

Our asphalt sealing specialists are equipped with the experience and equipment to help with all projects, small or large.

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The Benefits

With time your asphalt driveway will begin to get discoloured and will develop cracks and possibly even pot holes. Regular sealing of your asphalt driveway will increase its longevity and protect your investment. As an added bonus, your driveway will look brand new which will boost your home’s curb appeal. Our commercial grade oil-based sealer will restore flexibility back into your asphalt so it may become waterproof and crack-resistant.

Regular sealing of your asphalt driveway will protect it from the harmful effects of freeze & thaw cycle as well as damaging UV rays. On average you should reseal your driveway once every 2 years to ensure your driveway gets maximum lifespan and protection.

The Process

A full surface prep is done prior to any sealer application. After filling major cracks and completing any necessary repairs, we apply a commercial grade Oil-based liquid tar sealer to restore flexibility into the asphalt so it can become crack-resistant and waterproof

Remove all weeds & vegetation and/or oil stains
Clean out all major cracks
Power-blow surface free of dirt and dust
Fill any major cracks with rubberized filler and complete any necessary repairs
Apply our commercial-grade Oil-based liquid tar sealer, using a high-pressurized spray system to ensure an even application, enhanced look and long-lasting finish

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