Paver Restoration & Sealing

Our Paver Restoration and Sealing Division is a hard working team of detail-oriented individuals equipped with the experience, knowledge and industry-leading equipment to ensure your exterior renovation project is delivered above & beyond!

Interlock Restoration & Sealing

Over time, your interlocking will begin to develop weeds, moss and dirt, leading to an unpleasant look. Regular sealing will keep it looking new by eliminating weeds and restoring the colour, whilst also protecting the stone against harmful UV rays, dirt, oil and other stains.

Asphalt Sealing

With time your asphalt driveway will begin to get discoloured, will develop cracks and possibly even pot holes. Regular sealing of your asphalt driveway will increase its longevity and protect your investment. 

Concrete Sealing

Stamped concrete is a beautiful way to boost curb appeal around your home. However, when not property maintained, stamped concrete will begin to lose its colour and crack, due to harmful UV rays and freeze & thaw cycles. Regular sealing will protect your investment and always keep your concrete looking new!

Natural Stone Sealing

Natural stone such as flagstone and limestone is an amazing addition to any property. However, when left unsealed, it is prone to damage from stains, UV rays and freeze & thaw cycles. Protect your investment by regularly sealing your natural stone surfaces.

Paver Restoration & Sealing