Commercial Paver Restoration in the GTA


Using only the highest quality commercial-grade sealants and materials, as well as follow all proper procedures and protocol from start to finish, ensuring a professional end-result.

Commercial Paver Restoration in the GTA


Your parking lot is the first thing to be noticed by customers as they enter your business establishment. Our oil-based tar asphalt blacktop sealer will restore flexibility back into your parking lot surface, making it virtually waterproof and crack resistant. Regular maintenance on your parking lot will prolong its longevity, as well as revitalize it to a fresh new look. Attract more business to your storefront by enhancing your parking lot’s curb appeal. 

Hot Rubberized Crack Filling

Filling larger cracks on your pavement before sealing will greatly increase the lifespan of your driveway or parking lot by preventing water penetration. After routing, we apply our road-grade rubberized filler with an industrial propane heater. This allows the repair to last between 2 and 3 years, compared to that of consumer grade materials (including water based fillers) which only last up to 1 year.  

Commercial Paver Restoration in the GTA
Commercial Paver Restoration in the GTA

Line Painting

Improve the functionality, safety and visibility of your parking lot by getting your pavement markings regularly repainted. Our experienced team of professional line painters is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, ready to handle any size project small to large! 

Hot Asphalt Repairs

Canadian winters can have a devastating impact on the condition of your pavement due to the freeze & thaw cycle. If your parking lot is suffering from major pot holes or uneven areas, repairing these in a timely manner will save you thousands down the road from having to replace the parking lot in its entirety. 

Commercial Paver Restoration in the GTA

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